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The Nature Of Things

         Standing marveling over the trees, all the colors, varieties, sizes, and shapes. Each an individual expression of Creation.  Adding its own signature of life, each through a unique design and perfection, sustained, in an environment, a place to stand and be. Vulnerable and open, trusting, without thought or fear as it thrives to grow and be. Adding to and gaining from the greater whole, as it’s meant to be in natural, harmonious flow, rhythm, and synchronicity, throughout it all.

      There is such delight in the magnificence throughout all of the variety on the pallet that Nature brings. The multitude of variety of species, each perfected in its own way of being. All the sizes and shapes fill the color wheel of shades and hues throughout it all: the birds, the plants, the trees, all the creatures great and small, and throughout the stones and soils of Mother Earth that sustains and supports it all. Each in their unique individual expression of being, through the forces of Nature. They all resonate the Light of Creation through sounds, like symphonies of tones, frequencies, and vibrations, or have fragrant and smells that are carried through the air. Nurtured by the waters of life creating textures to see, taste, feel, experience. All are uniquely designed to the environment in which it exists. All existing in the natural flow, as the forces of nature that move the life force throughout it all. Each allowing the others to be, coexisting in perfect harmony, together co-creating the perfection of existence, evolving and growing, as Nature itself expands as a whole.

       The branches and foliage, the nuts, the fruits, the berries, the flowers, creating seeds, to carry on its essence and design, adding to the lineage through time, for the mere sake of Being. As it was birthed forth, from the union of the male and female aspects, in which it contained. All from within itself, as it drew that Light of Creation and grounded into Mother Earth into being, to grow, fulfilling its role as it gives back to Creation, in that spiral growth of Light, in all its glorious manifestation.

       I also observed, they don’t fight amongst themselves.   They don’t throw their nuts at each other, squash each other’s berries, nor do they steal each other fruits. They peacefully coexist, accepting each other, seeking balance, harmoniously together along with the rest of Creation. Does the blue ray of the rainbow tell the red ray she cannot be? Or do they embrace together and in their union create a trinity, reflecting harmonious beauty for all to see? Which is the right way to be? What is the natural flow of Creation through its common threads?

      One would think, that throughout the eons of time of humanity evolving here on Earth, mankind would wake up and get it together.  All along the way, whatever the walk of life or where, all the examples of the right way to live harmoniously and to Be right there in front of us, is and always have been. Right in all of humanity’s face, while we within ourselves are an example of it all. It is in every aspect throughout all of Nature and each expression of life, from the smallest to the greater whole.  Yet, the majority of humanity continues to not “get it”, nor even try to conceive and understand that even within mankind’s uniqueness, these common threads apply, both individually and collectively, just as they do through the rest of Creation in a natural, harmonious, flow and balance. We, too, have a role in that balance and exchange of energy to the greater whole. Yet when is humanity going to wake up and grow to see? We need to come unto understanding that mankind is not different, in certain aspects, nor were ever meant to be in There is  common thread of Light that apply throughout the all of Creation that we too are part of it. We too are an example of it. 

      Even as humanity continues to suffer, more and more, into the depths of all the ill effects of the lack of awareness, acceptance, and failure to live in balance within themselves or with Creation and its natural flow. Instead, mankind continues to choose fear and separation from their true self and Creation. It is the core cause of all the disease and its ill effects that are affecting and reflecting throughout health, our lives, society, and environment. The denial and separation of our connection to Creation is the abuse and denial of true self, along with all the aspects and effects of it.  As well, all the places and ways within, that the light of our being is restricted, buried beneath the layers of illusions, negative thinking, and emotions that fear has caused through time, both inwardly or outwardly, diminishing our light and inhibiting humanity’s growth.

      We cannot balance collectively until we all balance and heal this disconnectedness and the separation within ourselves individually, and reconnect from that point within to the rest of Creation and learn to flow with it. But first we must come to understanding of whole self. Nor can we find or create balance collectively within our societies until we all learn to find it within individually.

       In a world of crisis, disarray, and discord, it is upmost vital that we stand back and look, take full assessment and analyze, from a different perspective, from a perspective of our whole being rather than dissected, as human beings, both seen and unseen aspects and how they work together. Furthermore, it is important that we look at the cause of the imbalances and how it has flowed outwardly to reflect within the bounds of the environment, science, education, government, medical and pharmaceutical, and society as a whole. All caused of misplaced values and morals and lack thereof, polluting in every aspect, but all is a reflection.

        As we gain a better understanding of how these common threads apply to us as individuals, combine working with the whole self, we can then get a greater understanding of our true selves. It is a necessary step in the wheel of life, in order for healing and balance to be found and to evolve and enable our true selves to shine outwardly through the whole self.


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